Q - how long before service will the team arrive?

A - usually 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the function and set up requirements.

Q - what size groups do you cater for?

A - any size, each function is a little different to the next, small groups and large are welcome.

Q - can I supply the food/produce for my function?

A - unfortunately no in all circumstances other than our Private Chef Service.

Q - what happens after service?

A - the kitchen team will clean up and leave everything immaculate, the FOH team will stay on and provide service as required for the duration of the function.

Q - do you cater for all dietaries?

A - yes we do, there are no additional charges for dietary accommodation. Please note that for the Anthony Omakase service our ability to accommodate dietaries is very limited.

Q - my kitchen is not huge, will it be suitable?

A - most domestic kitchens will be fine however for larger functions and degustation we may need to do a site visit and decide upon bringing in more gear.

Q - can we be in the kitchen with you and the team?

A - unfortunately no, we need a free and clear run from set up to conclusion for the purposes of health and safety plus we want to do the best job possible for you.

Q - do you supply alcohol?

A - no, we are not licensed to supply alcohol. We can advise on wine matching but cannot supply.

Q - do you supply glassware and other gear?

A - we do not carry a glassware inventory, it is advisable to go through a hire company for all of your requirements other than plates and platters which we provide inclusively.

Q - we have little ones and want them to be a part of the dinner, do you charge full rate for children?

A - children 12 and over are charged at full rate and children under 12 are charged at 66%of the pp price. All guests and diners are charged at full rate for the Anthony Omakase service.

Q -  if some of our guests do not show up on the day, will we be charged for them?

A - yes, absent guests will be charged for.

Q - we have extra guests unexpectedly, can you accommodate them?

A - usually yes, it depends on the type of service and amount of notice, we will do everything we can to accommodate unexpected extra guests.

Q - we have had extra guests turn up to our buffet/shared plates banquet function, will they be charged for?

A - extra guests whom arrive and dine will be charged for at the contracted pp rate, we bring plenty of food and they can expect to be fed very well.

Q - are we allowed to keep the leftovers?

A - mostly yes however raw protein leftovers cannot be kept and any other leftovers are kept at the clients risk. Private Fine Dining will not accept responsibility for the mishandling of leftovers after service concludes.