Covid 19 has  temporarily changed the way we do business, below are they ways Private Fine Dining will keep everyone safe during level 3.


- Private Fine Dining has thoroughly reviewed the new MPI guidelines and will be adhering to them without deviation.

- Private Fine Dining  is a small and efficient business, we operate from a private commercial kitchen where there are no unexpected visitors or walk in's. 

- During level 3 only myself (Athony Price) and my partner will enter the premises and be handling product. We have been in our lockdown bubble from day one, we will have no other people working with us during level 3 so you can expect the highest level of safety and precaution.

- our deliveries will be contactless, we will text or call just ahead of our scheduled drop off and calll or text again once goods have been dropped.

- for the returnable sashimi boxes we require notification if you or anyone in your group/bubble are experiencing symptoms, in this case please retain the sashimi box until the affected person is in the clear by at least 4 weeks. If there is any uncertainty please retain the sashimi box until there is zero risk.